Charged With A Crime?
Call Sinclair, He'll Be There

Charged With A Crime?
Call Sinclair, He'll Be There

Defense For A Wide Variety Of Felony Offenses

If you are facing felony charges, you should know that they may carry extensive penalties and severe repercussions for your future. You will need a trusted defense attorney on your side. Attorney Christopher Sinclair has vast experience handling all manner of felony charges. He will provide the knowledgeable and reliable legal representation that you need to reach the best possible outcome of your case.

Criminal Defense Is All Mr. Sinclair Does – And He Does It Well

Michigan law contains many felony offenses that require a skilled legal defense. Sinclair Law represents the following:

  • Arson – Arson is defined as recklessly or intentionally causing a fire or explosion to harm another’s property. In arson cases, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant acted maliciously, intentionally, and that the defendant started the fire.
  • Carjacking – If you are accused of threatening or using force to take possession of a vehicle from the lawful operator, you may face punishment well beyond the penalties associated with auto theft.
  • Home invasion – Home invasion laws allow sentencing of up to 20 years in prison.
  • Kidnapping – Michigan kidnapping laws allow for up to life in prison upon a conviction. Place your trust in Sinclair Law to provide a strong legal team that will protect your freedom.
  • Malicious destruction of property – It is a crime to intentionally destroy or damage someone else’s property.
  • Murder – If you have been charged with murder, it is imperative to seek the legal counsel of an attorney with vast experience representing defendants in Michigan murder cases.
  • Robbery and larceny – Michigan law defines larceny as the act of stealing another person’s property and at a certain level, it becomes a felony. Robbery, on the other hand, includes taking property by force from another person. If convicted, robbery convictions can result in a lifetime sentence to state prison.
  • Forgery and use of a fraudulent transaction device – It is illegal to forge documents or use or possess a stolen credit card, bank information or another transaction device.

In certain cases, the government may seize your assets after an arrest. Mr. Sinclair will help you protect your rights and your assets. No matter the penalties you face, Mr. Sinclair will fight on your behalf.

Federal Felony Charges

The federal government pursues many felony cases. These may include various drug trafficking cases, federal weapons charges and many white collar crimes involving finances and fraud. Mr. Sinclair has experience in federal court and can assist you with your felony charges brought by either the state or federal government.

Discuss Your Case With Mr. Sinclair

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