Charged With A Crime?
Call Sinclair, He'll Be There

Charged With A Crime?
Call Sinclair, He'll Be There

A Strategic Approach To White Collar Charges

White collar crimes are defined by deception or fraud for some type of benefit, most often money. They may involve complex laws and financial records. If law enforcement has either arrested you or has you under surveillance for a white collar crime, you will need an attorney with the experience and knowledge of these crimes to represent you.

Defense lawyer Christopher Sinclair assists clients throughout the greater Detroit area with many types of criminal offenses, including white collar charges. His entire practice at Sinclair Law focuses on criminal defense. He gives every client the dedication and personal attention their cases require.

What Types Of Offenses Count As White Collar Crimes?

Sinclair Law represents clients on a wide range of white collar offenses, including:

  • Embezzlement – When a person takes money they were entrusted with by others, they can be subject to embezzlement charges. Examples include trustees taking trust funds, employees taking money from an employer, public officials taking public funds for their own use and financial planners raiding client funds.
  • Tax evasion – People must complete their taxes honestly and anyone who purposefully evades paying taxes constitutes a federal offense.
  • Fraud – Fraud is a broad term that can cover many types of manipulating others for financial gain.
  • Money laundering – When one tries to convert the profits from illegal activity, that action constitutes an additional crime. For example, someone may take money from drug sales and funnel it through a legitimate business, such as a restaurant.
  • Bribery – Michigan law prohibits offering or promises to give money or gifts to public officials to influence their actions.

Nearly all white collar crimes are felonies. Penalties vary greatly, often including fines and restitution for the money involved, as well as prison time.

The Benefit Of Early Intervention

In many situations, you may know or suspect law enforcement has you under investigation before your arrest. Mr. Sinclair can help you even before an arrest happens. He can intervene with investigators and provide important legal advice at every step. Such help can be crucial to minimizing charges or preventing an arrest completely.

Navigating Federal Court

Many white collar crimes fall under federal laws and are investigated by various federal agencies.  For example, the Internal Revenue Service investigates tax evasion and the U.S. Treasury may investigate a money laundering scheme. If you face federal charges, you need an attorney who is not only licensed in federal court but also has experience handling a federal case. The system differs slightly from the state and the stakes are often much higher. Mr. Sinclair has the experience necessary to provide you with a robust defense in federal court.

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